You walk into a paint store with a color swatch. Within minutes you have a tailor-made paint to match what you have at home. Everything should be this easy, right? Including color-matching wood stain, whether it’s matching trim work to your floors or a new furniture piece to an existing piece. SamaN’s new FAST MATCH system (premiering this summer) does precisely this: combines the convenience of color matching with the boutique quality and customization of SamaN stains.

Custom Match Convenience


SamaN’s FAST MATCH system ensures that matching stains is a quick, painless process. Starting with fifteen premixed colors, we’ve zeroed in on nationally recurring trends to showcase rich whites, blacks, and greys. This means that matching any grayscale paint scheme is a breeze. These fifteen colors can be further blended to make an additional hundred colors with easy-to-follow mixing and matching instructions. 


Need to match your trim work or window sills to your floors? For your retailer, it’s as easy as referencing SamaN’s FAST MATCH color case and organizer display to quickly pinpoint the wood stain color you need from one hundred color options. Extra large color card samples make it easier to see the stain across grain variation, allowing you to really get a sense of how SamaN stain will look on your wood (and make a decision that you know will be a true match).



Boutique Quality


But convenience is only worth its weight when there is a good product to back it up. With SamaN’s FAST MATCH system, you’re not just getting custom match convenience, you’re getting the high quality, odorless stain that you’ve come to expect. 


When you find the stain that’s your perfect match, you’ll find that applying it is every bit as easy: odorless and fast-drying, and without any overlapping marks or grain raising; just vibrant color and seamless consistency. With SamaN stain, you’re also getting richer depth and darker tones at a more affordable cost.


The Best of Both Worlds


Whether you’re a staining pro or a first-timer, SamaN’s FAST MATCH system is here to make your life a little bit easier — and your wood more vibrant and rich. Find a store near you with FAST MATCH and get the most convenience, consistency, and color for your dollar. Ask your local dealer about adopting SamaN’s FAST MATCH system when it premiers this summer!