The Perfect Time of the Year for DIY Projects


The Perfect Time of the Year for DIY Projects


The cold winter months are the perfect time to take inventory and finally tackle that DIY project you’ve been putting off! Just because the world outside is sleepy doesn’t mean you have to let your creativity hibernate. Here are just a few outside-the-box ideas to get you thinking about DIY projects using SamaN’s fast-drying, eco-friendly Water-based Stain. 





Give Your Kitchen A Modern Edge With A Charcoal Finish

Keep things fresh in your kitchen space by staining your hardwood floors a sleek-looking charcoal color. With SamaN’s One Step Seal, Stand, and Varnish, the task of giving your wood floors a makeover couldn’t be easier — no stripping, no sanding. Get ready to see your kitchen in a whole new light! Just apply one coat of 320-Charcoal; it’s odorless, eco-friendly, fast-drying, and requires minimal cleanup. 

Give Your Wood Furniture Piece A Rustic Look

Older or slightly damaged wood? Lean into its natural character and give your piece of furniture a makeover to look like it's weathered the elements using SamaN’s Urban Grey stain and white wash stain (use a dry bristled brush dipped in our Whitewash, brushing in the direction of the grain to give it a naturally aged look). Use SamaN’s no-shine topcoat to put the finishing touches on your rustic-looking furniture. Bring new life to old furniture and create dynamic contrast in your living space between distressed, weathered-looking furniture pieces and clean-looking decorative elements. 


Create A Patchwork Pattern


Stain small rectangles of wood in a variety of shades until you’ve created a masterpiece resembling a puzzle. Mix and match colors of SamaN Water-based Stain (40 available options) to compliment other decorative elements in your living space and tie everything together! Alternatively, create a patchwork pattern on your wood floor with three of forty available shades of SamaN’s Water-Based stain (e.g. chalk/coffee/ebony). If your floor is already finished? Try SamaN’s One-Step Seal, Stain, and Varnish!

Form An Ombre Gradient

Want to really take your DIY project to the next level? Try implementing an ombre design onto an existing piece of furniture by gradually blending one color hue to another, graduating in shades from light to dark. To get the look pictured above, use a terrycloth staining pad saturated with SamaN’s dark walnut stain and lightly brush in the direction of the grain (if you get to heavy in a certain spot, use a sanding pad to sand back down to your desired level). SamaN’s range of 40 odorless, fast-drying wood stains make it easy to find the combination of colors that suits your needs. Tie decorative elements in your living space together — even different kinds of wood! 

Custom Stencil Design

A table isn’t just a place to break bread, it’s also the foundation of your dining room’s design! A layer of dark stain over a stenciled-on paisley pattern can turn an ordinary table into an eye-catching piece of art; and with SamaN’s One and Done, all you have to do is apply one coat — it’s that easy; no topcoat required. Coordinate the stenciled-on pattern of your choosing with your place settings and glassware to create a uniform aesthetic in your dining room — leave your dinner guests wowed. 




Break free of the winter blues and get creating! Shop Water-based Stain and other SamaN products to get you started on a DIY that will take the chill out of your winter and introduce some new life to your living space.