Grout stain marker

Grout stain marker

product number - GM

Seal and stains grout

Protects grout color

Only one coat

Penetrates grout (not a membrane)

Use on grout, epoxy grout, non-polished stone and brick. Will have a bit of sheen.

Do not use on wood.

Can be applied with a brush, but not a roller.


Can paint over it.

Covers :

  1. Tile 12 x 12 = 50-100 square feet
  2. Tile 6 x 6 = 12-25 square feet
  3. Tile 4 x 4 = 6-12 square feet

Will hide previous grout color (ex. : white will cover black)


  1. Clean the surface.

Marker (GM)

  1. Shake the pen very well. You must hear the ball move in the pen.
  2. Pump the tip by pushing the tip and releasing. Repeat many times.
  3. When the liquid comes in the tip, apply on 3 inches of grout.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Wipe off splashes as soon as it happens with a wet rag.

Applicator (GS)

  1. Apply the sealer with the brush applicator.
  2. Wipe off splashes as soon as it happens with a wet rag.


To remove dried sealer :

  1. Try to remove it with hot water OR
  2. Use lacquer thiner. (No other thiner will do)

Always do a test before applying on all the grout.

There is no need to wear gloves, but we recommend it because the product really sticks.

Start to dry in 2 minutes, dries completely in 4 hours.

Wait 8 hours before putting any liquid on the grout.


The tip is not going well : do not rub the tip on the grout. Pump the tip and apply on 3 inches of grout at a time.

I just bought it and the sealer is dry in the tube : shake and pump 40 times. If after 40 times, it doesn't work, ask for a refund.

Available formats :

Choose your color :

110 - White 120 - Sand 130 - Gray 140 - Chamois 150 - Mocha

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